Do we pay you any money when we turn accounts over to you?

No, all collections are on a contingency basis. If we do not collect, we do not get paid.

What percentage do you take for collections?

It varies as the type of account, the amounts involved, and the age of the accounts.

Do you collect bad checks?

Yes, however, they are very difficult to collect Insofar as the debtor usually has no intention of making the check good.

Does turning over the account for collection affect the debtors credit?

Yes, if the amount is not paid within the prescribed time the debt is reported to the Credit Reporting Agencies and will remain on their credit report as prescribed by law.

What do we do if the debtor contacts us?

Refer them to our office.

What do we do if the debtor pays us?

Notify our office immediately. Give us the date and amount paid by the debtor. Our representatives will come and pick up the payment.

How long does it take to collect our money?

There is not a set time. Some debt can never be collected due to lack of assets, bankruptcy, death, or statute of limitations.

How long do we wait before assigning someone to collections?

Whenever you feel you have exhausted every effort to collect the debt yourself.

Any other questions, please call us at (573) 302-7200 or contact us for a quote.


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