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Our experience crosses key industries and markets sectors, enabling us to provide you with the most efficient collection services. We have developed customized collection programs for creditors in a variety of industries, including many of the largest financial, auto and health care companies in the nation. With each project comes a dedicated team of professionals that are selected for their specialized industry and product expertise, who provide the expertise that can enhance your collection needs.

In addition to aiding your recovery decisions, our investigative services can also reduce the risk and costs of litigation by advising you of the debtors solvency prior to initiating a lawsuit.

Industry Knowledge Meets Specialized Needs

Our Mission

is Simple

The engine that runs the ACCS ALL-CAL system is our very carefully selected computer system. The Sting   accounts management system by DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. allows us to spend our time improving your cash flow rather than process a sea of papers.

Our systems is expandable with a phone call. The technical support team at our disposal includes eighteen software engineers, computer scientist, trainers and programmers. Technical difficulties are dealt with immediately. We don't do "down time"!

Some of the unique features available on our system include an automated skip trace and address/phone verification entity; a postal accelerator and mail outsourcing facility; a Credit Bureau link; a check verification link; auto dialer and document imaging interface, and cost watch manager's  utility.



Overview of Technical Resources

Of course, all the high tech equipment and software in the world will not help a business without competent people running it. Jean Hoenike is very proud of the team she has assembled to meet the client's needs, from customer service, to data entry, to skip tracers and collectors, to legal assistants, right through the accounting personnel that prepare and disburse trust account payments to the clients.

ACCS is additionally supported by an international network of professionals committed to the delinquent accounts management industry. With active memberships in the American Collectors Association, Bakersfield , CA and Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and certification as a Women and Minority Business Enterprise, ACCS is uniquely qualified to offer unparalleled services to your organization.

At ACCS, we provide superior account receivable management services to improve your consumer collections and financial performance. We offer the expertise and a variety of customized recovery solutions that can lower your costs, increase profits and dramatically recover more receivables. Our technology, facilities and personnel can help you improve your cash flow at ever stage of the revenue cycle.

Commercial Collections

Our commercial group is trained and experienced at managing collections that involve all types of sizes of business entities. We proved recovery solutions that are designed to accelerate cash flow by dramatically increasing your collections and reducing operating expenses. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and expertise to meet all your needs.

Legal Services

Litigation is usually the last resort, but often a necessary step. At ACCS, we provide you with a single point of contact for collection attorneys across the country. This allows us to manage multiple law firms and more efficiently enhance your recovery efforts.

We offer comprehensive and specialized legal recovery programs, including pre-litigation collections, attorney collections and bankruptcy recovery. This program is very convenient because you'll benefit from having one central legal resource, jurisdictions.

Retail and Medical-Dental Services

All-Cal Collection Services